Hotel Donor : Online hotel reservations that give back to society!

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Our Philosophy

Greece’s tourism industry forms the backbone of the country’s economy. Yet for the sector to be able to revitalize the economy, it should give back to society and the environment it inhabits. This is the philosophy that surrounds Hotel Donor, a new hotel reservations platform with a purpose: channeling tourism revenues back to society.

With every booking that takes place through Hotel Donor, a donation is made to a Greek-based charity or organization to support social and/or environmental causes. Each customer in our platform chooses the organization he wants to support.



Why Book With Us

4 Reasons to Book directly with Hotel Donor 

-free access to 230.000 properties in 200 countries

-safe bookings

-just 3 steps needed before you receive your voucher

-best price guarantee


-you are making a choice that is aligned with the desire to make a difference

– your contribution actively helps your preferred Charity or Organisation

-you have the chance to come back, book again and share the idea with your beloved ones

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